Microsoft Surface Desparation

So let me get this straight. Microsoft charges off almost $1billion of Surface tablets because they can’t sell them to save their lives. Now they’re advertising them on TV as a half price alternative to the best selling tablet… I only see compromises as increased popularity during a fire sale does not indicate a superior product (BlackBerry Playbook anybody?)

iPad vs Microsoft Surface

Lincoln MKX Cabin Air Filter

I went to change my mother’s cabin air filter in her 2007 Lincoln MKX and most of the references online state to use an activated charcoal filter Fram Part# CF10547, however this is not a direct replacement for the filter that is currently installed in the vehicle. Numerous people posted the same issue online, and some felt that they could remove the paper media from the plastic frame and shove the media into the housing, but this is not an acceptable solution for me.

After a little more looking on Amazon I found the ATP FA-14. This appears to be a direct replacement, and is about half the price to boot.

Link for Acceptable replacement:

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